Thursday, 22 April 2010

Volcano Policy

Since the volcanic ash hit the skies of the UK, things have been getting a little dusty. With all those Britons stranded abroad, and at the end of the Easter holidays, this week there’ll have been a few empty desks across the offices of GB.

So employers, what’s your Volcano Policy? Will you require your employees stranded abroad to take the time off work as holiday, paid leave or unpaid leave? What lengths will your company go to return stranded staff back to the UK to increase the work force? Will it depend on whether those staff are currently stranded on business trips or personal trips abroad?

The issue for management of staff absence during Ashgate, are very similar to the issues faced by employers at the beginning of the year with Snowgate. Simple solution is to dust off your Snow Policies and re-brand them, Volcano Policy.

Job done.

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