Saturday, 2 October 2010

Turn On, Tune In, Tweet Out

If you turned on Twitter on Thursday evening, and tuned into the #22twts hashtag, you'll have seen me tweet out.

#22twts is the inspiration of Lance Godard (of the The Godard Group) and comprises a weekly live Twitter interview of tweeting lawyers "helping them to tell their stories one tweet at a time".

I was Lance's first in-house interviewee, and I was slightly nervous to begin, but the experience was great fun and I'd thoroughly recommend that any lawyer using Twitter contacts Lance if they'd like to feature on #22twts.

The transcript of my interview appears on


  1. Thanks, Melanie. After interviewing lawyers in private practice for a year and a half, it was great to get a client's perspective. You shared a lot of valuable information. I appreciate your doing the interview, and sharing your views on hiring lawyers, the issues you have to deal with, social media, and more!