Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Branded: Part 2 Donuts & Carnivals

In my earlier blog post Branded I set out on my quest to turn my in-house lawyer brand into a household name (or maybe that should be business hold name?) renowned the world over. The quest continues. I’m now pleased to be a contributor to the Law Donut Blog which offers free legal information and resources to people running smaller businesses. I’ve promised to work on my first series of contributions, musings and thoughts; although, said contributions, musings and thoughts might be more quickly inspired by the delivery of some Krispy Kremes to my desk....a-hem....moving on....

I was also interested to learn this week about Blog Carnival, a collection of blogging communities working together in shameless self-promotion. I’m all for that, and rather conveniently the UK Blawg Round Up community are currently in the process of organising their Easter edition hosted on this occasion by Peninsulawyer with the theme of "new beginnings". Another blog opportunity for me to muse upon and I encourage other UK law bloggers to contribute to the carnival also.

Speaking of readers of this blog, I thought it would be useful to know if there were actually any. So in a burst of ‘techiness and inspired by my digital marketing type colleagues at Latitude I incorporated Google Analytics into the HTML code of my blog (I needed a drink after this technical endeavour) to monitor hits and conversions, and much to my relief discovered that there are indeed readers of this blog. Phew.

Now, it seems that all I need to do to reach the highest echelons of legal blog brand fame is to get myself a dinky little animal avatar like those of the wonderful Technollama and IPKat.

Are you an in-house lawyer developing your brand? Let me know how you’re doing it (or how I could do it better!) by leaving your comments below.

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