Monday, 24 January 2011

The Times Law Top 10 Legal Tweeter

I'm proud to be included in The Times Law Top 10 of legal tweeters! What an honour.

The article is behind a paywall, so I had to pay a small fee to see my name in lights.  Why its time to open a corporate Twitter account celebrates the rise of Twitter amongst the legal profession and The Times has chosen to describe me as "a social media evangelist".  This headline characteristic is a reflection of how rapidly the emphasis of this very blog stepped away from a log of legal events affecting my industry to that of a lawyer experimenting with how lawyers can use social media to its best effect.  A year ago, very few people had heard of the in-house lawyer at Latitude, but now I receive a regular flow of professional opportunities which wouldn't have come my way previously and I'm routinely asked for comment on my new niche. I like to think I'm proof of what social media can do for you as a lawyer, so I'll continue to encourage you all to Play the Advantage it has to offer! 

The Times Law Top 10 roll of honour comprises:
  •  @Inner_TempleProvides the latest resolutions plus links to selected legal headlines from across the press
  •  @CharonqcThe very funny alter ego of Mike Semple Piggot, polymath legal blogger, writer and artist.
  •  @richardsusskindRenowned legal IT specialist, academic, writer and Times columnist
  • @davidallengreenInsightful media lawyer, blogger and legal correspondent for theNew Statesman
  •  @RichardMoorheadA legal academic and blogger specialising in writing about legal services and access to justice
  • @in_house_lawyerSocial media evangelist who also tweets regularly on issues around commercial and digital law
  •  @copyrightgirlOften responds directly to inquiries from followers on issues around copyright law and intellectual property
  •  @legalfuturesVery good on matters of compliance and competence for lawyers
  •  @LegalBizzleThe irreverent and personal thoughts of a lawyer, although on professional matters
  •  @TheNakedLawyerSolicitor-turned marketer often tweeting on how lawyers can get the most out of social media
Well done everyone who features.

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  1. Hi! Well done on making the top 10 legal tweeters, we use twitter to promote legal news and jobs. It would be great to share tweets! Also you might wanna check out to know a bit more about u :-)