Monday, 24 January 2011

Twitteratigate:The tide has turned

Following on from my post below, it seems that Twitter is causing a stir amongst lawyers in more ways than one.

It was only October of last year when Legal Week brought social media use amongst lawyers into the mainstream.  For more on that, see The next big thing: is the social media tide turning? If you look  at the comments against those original Legal Week articles you'll see there was discussion brewing early-doors about who should feature in reviews of the legal social media scene and for what reason.

Fast forward from October to the present day, and a relative social media scandal has exploded.  A scandal so deep it's even worthy of the accolade of a gate. Twitteratigate.  The whole story of which can be told no better than Brian Inkster in The Time Blawg.

Finally lawyers are getting it. This is what makes social media work: the ability to make it personal, share your perspective, explore what works and what doesn't, mould the message and the media which carries it.

I do indeed believe that the tide has turned.

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